Sport Medicine

Sport Medicine BIG ONE BIG ONE EVOLUTION BIG ONE RUNNERS BIG RAM ALKAL EVOLUTION IDRA EVOLUTION Food SupplementBig One Food supplement based on specific…
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Supportive Care

Supportive Care Sodium hyaluronate and Amino Acids formula supporting the prevention and treatment of oral mucositis and radiation dermatitis, and further for the treatment…
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Supportive Care Clinical Nutrition

Wound Care

Wound Care VULNAMIN® induces re-epithelialisation of the wound, which is associated with a marked reduction in inflammatory infiltrate and colonisation of the lesion by…
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Wound Care & Clinical Nutrition

Metabolic Disease & Sarcopenia

Metabolic Disease & Sarcopenia WHY ESSENTIAL AMINOACIDS? The body is unable to synthesize Essential Aminoacids (EAAs) but depends on the external supply of EAAs.…
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Sarcopenia & Clinical Nutrition