Strategic Partnerships for launching AMINO-THER in Australia, New Zealand, Poland and Baltics

Date of the event: 29 Jan 2021

Professional Dietetics have jointly entered into partnerships for the sales and distribution of the AMINO-THER Nutritional Range of products in the following countries:
✔️ Australia
✔️ New Zealand
✔️ Poland
✔️ Baltics

AMINO-THER is a patented Amino Acids mixture that, thanks to an innovative mechanism of action achieved by 3 organic acids intermediates of the Krebs cycle, has been proven to increase the mitochondria energy production.
AMINO-THER, due to this efficacy on the mitochondria, is currently undergoing trials on Long Covid Syndrome treatment.
AMINO-THER will be distributed both as a Food for Special Medical Propose under the brand AMINOTHER-PRO (FSMP also indicated for enteral use) and Food Supplement under the brand AMINO-THER.