Launch of Aminogam product range in Canada

Date of the event: 16 Feb 2021

Professional Dietetics have jointly entered into a partnership with HANSAmed Limited for the sales and distribution in CANADA of the AMINOGAM product range.

AMINOGAM is a series of medical devices designed for ORAL SURGERY indicated for the Safe and effective regeneration of the oral and gingival mucosa.

Aminogam products consist of sodium hyaluronate, one of the major constituents of connective tissue, and a selected cluster of Amino Acids for collagen production.

The 3 presentations in the range are:
✅ AMINOGAM GEL: stimulates rapid wound healing in surgical oral lesions
✅ AMINOGAM SPRAY: rapidly and significantly reduces pain and enhances the healing of oral lesions (recommended for home use after any oral surgery)
✅ AMINOGAM MOUTHWASH: Reduces irritation and accelerates the recovery of the oral mucosa (recommended also to rebuild the mucosa after the use of chlorhexidine)