Strategic Partnerships with BIXINK Therapeutics for the launch of MUCOSAMIN in the Asian Region

Date of the event: 28 Dec 2020

Professional Dietetics and Bixink Therapeutics, a subsidiary of KPS Corporation in Korea, have entered in to a partnership for the MUCOSAMIN® range whereby Bixink will hold the exclusive distribution rights in the Asian region.

MUCOSAMIN is an innovative Medical Device composed of Hyaluronic Acid and a patented cluster of Amino Acids to prevent and treat mucositis induced by radio/chemo therapy.

Starting from Korea and Japan, the partnership will move soon to other countries where BIXINK acquired the first right of refusal:
• Malaysia
• Taiwan
• Hong Kong
• Singapore
• Indonesia
• Philippines
• Thailand
The partnership, thanks to the synergy between MUCOSAMIN and Bixink’s oncology portfolio, aims to reach a mutual growth in the area focusing on innovation in oncology and supportive care.